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by Jeff Scott, Editor of Slide To Play, Founder of 148Apps, and someone who has seen way more than his fair share of good (and bad) mobile apps.


App and Game Consulting Services

It’s a rough world out there for apps and games. I can help yours have a fighting chance.

It’s tough out there for a mobile app and I’ve seen tens of thousands of them over the past 7+ years. Many of them should have been way more successful than they were. Sometimes that was because the basic idea was flawed, but more often than not it was some small issue or fixable problem. But those small things can ruin user acceptance or destroy retention by dooming the app even before launch.

cube-689619_1280I can help guide you through the difficult world of mobile app stores and give your apps and games the chance they deserve. I’ll help you fine tune your apps and games and offer qualitative suggestions based on years of rating and reviewing apps at 148Apps, Slide To Play, Best App Ever, and Android Rundown. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, what best practices to follow, and what common mistakes to avoid.

I can help with:

  • Gut checks – just wondering if you are heading in the right direction? If your idea has legs? If it’s been done before? I can provide strengths and weaknesses on your game or app at any point from mock-up through release ready.
  • Free to play — how to do free to play the right way to maximize potential and user happiness. Especially helpful for premium developers struggling with the new economy in games.
  • Launch planning — planning and timing your launch is of utmost importance on mobile, and it’s very different than on other platforms. I can help with timing, strategy, planning, and outreach.
  • App Store Optimization (ASO) — put your best foot forward by making sure your app or game looks best to potential players/users and is easy to find.
  • User onboarding — tuning the first user experience — make sure the first look isn’t the last look a player takes.
  • User experience — make sure users enjoy the app or game experience start to finish.
  • Game tuning — tune the game progression, leveling, and rewards properly. Players hate it when they hit a pay wall. We can help level it out.
  • User retention — once you have a user, keep them coming back for more.
  • Game re-launch — had a game launch that didn’t go well, we can help you re-launch it the right way.
  • Honesty — It’s always important to get an honest opinion from someone outside your circle of family and friends. We will tell you the truth and guide you in the right direction. Your brother-in-law Gary may just not be the best one to ask. I will at all times be completely upfront and frank with you.

Get in touch and we can discuss further the needs you have and how I can help. Connect with me on Skype, Twitter @TheAppivore, or email.